Worldwide – supplier of quality fans for over 30 years

For over 30 years we have produced a range of centrifugal, axial and bifurcated fans for the industrial and HVAC sectors, both in the UK and overseas markets.

In this time we have built an enviable reputation for a quality product built upon engineering excellence and practical solutions to customers individual requirements.

The exacting demands which we place upon ourselves are not only our motivation for producing innovative fan solutions they are also reflected in the quality of our products.

Our many years of successful work and our satisfied customers confirm this.

The basic design work, concept related creativity and technical advancements made by our group of companies have made us one of the leading recognised manufacturers of centrifugal and axial flow fans.

We offer the following services:

  • Design of fan units
  • Testing available at point of manufacture or upon installation.
  • All types of commissioning work undertaken, including vibration analysis, performance and noise testing.
  • Static and dynamic balancing of fans in situ or at our works.
  • We undertake all types of refurbishment work. Which can be carried out on our fans or fans of a differerent manufacture, both in situ or at our works.
  • A complete range of spares for all types of fan units are available.
  • A comprehensive after sales service is in operation.
Greenmount design fan units
Greenmount test fans
Greenmount undertake commissions
Static and dynamic balancing of fans occurs at the Greenmount works
Greenmount undertake refurbishment
Greenmount provide spares for fan units

Greenmount achieve full ATEX certification

The Greenmount group of companies have successfully achieved ATEX certification from SIRA Certification Service in Chester, England for there complete range of axial flow and centrifugal fans.

European Union legislators have recently introduced minimum requirements for encouraging improvements in the safety and health protection of workers at risk from potentially explosive atmospheres. ‘The ATEX Directive’

Employers are required to prepare an Explosion Protection Document that demonstrates in particular:

  • that explosion risks have been assessed
  • that adequate measures will be taken to attain the aims of the directive
  • those places which have been classified into zones in accordance with Annex I of the directive
  • those places where minimum requirements set out in Annex II of the directive will apply
  • that the workplace, and work equipment, including warning devices, are designed, operated and maintained with due regard for safety,
  • that in accordance with Council directive 89/655/EEC arrangements have been made for the safe use of equipment.

Greenmount Certification Reference is: GM/ATEX/001 A&B: SIRA 06XT203

Alfa Fans Certification Reference is: AF/ATEX/001 A&B: SIRA 06XT204

Metrico Int. Certification Reference is: MI/ATEX/001 A&B: SIRA 06XT206

November 2007 Greenmount acheive ISO 9001 certification

The Greenmount Fans Group have successfully achieved full accreditation to the requirements of BSEN ISO 9001:2000

Certificate No: GB 15154

November 2007

The Greenmount Fans Group

also known as the

GM PSV Series

has complied with the requirements identified in BSEN 12101-3:2002 for high temperature performance. Items from this range were selected for test in accordance with the parameters laid out in Annex A of BSEN 12101-3:2002, and were tested for high temperature performance in accordance with the procedures in Annex C of the same standard.

November 2007

Greenmount Fans have appointed SGL Systems of Glasgow and Abu Dhabi as their representatives in the UAE.