Greenmount achieve full ATEX certification

Greenmount achieve full ATEX certification

The Greenmount group of companies have successfully achieved ATEX certification from SIRA Certification Service in Chester, England for there complete range of axial flow and centrifugal fans.

European Union legislators have recently introduced minimum requirements for encouraging improvements in the safety and health protection of workers at risk from potentially explosive atmospheres. ‘The ATEX Directive’

Employers are required to prepare an Explosion Protection Document that demonstrates in particular:

  • that explosion risks have been assessed
  • that adequate measures will be taken to attain the aims of the directive
  • those places which have been classified into zones in accordance with Annex I of the directive
  • those places where minimum requirements set out in Annex II of the directive will apply
  • that the workplace, and work equipment, including warning devices, are designed, operated and maintained with due regard for safety,
  • that in accordance with Council directive 89/655/EEC arrangements have been made for the safe use of equipment.

Greenmount Certification Reference is: GM/ATEX/001 A&B: SIRA 06XT203

Alfa Fans Certification Reference is: AF/ATEX/001 A&B: SIRA 06XT204

Metrico Int. Certification Reference is: MI/ATEX/001 A&B: SIRA 06XT206