Large Airbus logo with two images‚ one of an airbus and the other a fan unit

Worlds largest spray booth goes into operation

January 2004

Trials have been successfully undertaken on the worlds largest spray booth at British Aerospace, Broughton, Chester. The 150 meter long single booth is used to spray the wings on Airbus’ new double-decker A380 super jumbo. Greenmount fans were brought in to design and supply a range of special purpose fans for the supply of clean air, and the exhausting of contaminated air. Greenmount Supplied 12 x 1.5 meter diameter Aerofoil Section freewheel fans for the air replacement plant and 6 x 2.0 meter insulated booth exhaust fans

Michael Scoble, Engineering Manager commented. ‘The design and selection of these fans was a particularly challenging exercise. The client set strict parameters regarding air volume, noise and physical size of the fans. It is extremely rewarding to see a project grow from the drawing board until full installation and operation, especially for such a high profile project.